What Makes a Visit with San Antonio Dental Team Different?

Our practice caters to pediatric and special needs patients who need sedation to perform their dental treatment safely. We treat patients at a licensed and accredited ambulatory surgery center, providing patients with an environment similar to a hospital, but with greater convenience and lower prices. You will find the same technologies at San Antonio Children’s Surgical that you find in the most cutting-edge dental offices, including digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and electronic charting, coupled with many of the same features as a hospital, including operating rooms with anesthesia machines, a trained nursing staff, medical anesthesiologists, and a licensed pharmacy.

Who Are the Doctors at San Antonio Dental Team?

San Antonio Dental Team is made up of a group of talented pediatric and general dentists dedicated to serving children and special-needs adults. Find out more here.

What Payments and Insurances Do You Accept?

Healthcare expenses can be overwhelming, and for that reason we work with all of our patients to make their care affordable. We accept Medicaid (both DentaQuest and MCNA), CHIP, military insurance including TRICARE, and most forms of private insurance. For those not covered by dental insurance we accept Care Credit and provide affordable cash options. We are committed to giving every patient exceptional care at the lowest cost.

How Can I Refer a Patient?

If you are a dentist or work at a dental office there are many ways you can refer patients to SA Dental Team. You can email or fax referral forms to team@sadentalteam.com or fax (210) 714-2490. You can also call us at (210) 714-2488. For Medicaid patients with MCNA benefits we require a referral submitted through the MCNA portal: click here to view a MCNA referral guide. Medicaid patients with DentaQuest require an Interim Care Transfer (ICT), which our staff will be happy to help with.

How Have You Become a Trusted Referral Partner for So Many Dentists?

Since opening in August 2014 SA Dental Team has become a source of strength for both sole proprietors (our most common referral partners) and large practices with associate dentists and multiple offices, with over 100 dentists referring pediatric and special-needs patients. Referring partners appreciate that their patients are seen quickly and receive high-quality care in a safe environment. Our partners receive detailed treatment reports after every procedure: click here to view a sample report. Many of our patients have not been able to receive the care they need because the cost was too high or because other doctors were not properly equipped. We are fortunate to frequently have patients express to us their deep gratitude after a long and frustrating search for affordable, quality care. Nothing is more valuable to our practice than having smiling patients return to their dental homes and give their dentists glowing reports of San Antonio Dental Team.

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